Do face masks work?
Mask wearing, avoiding close contact and washing your hands are simple things that we can do as individuals to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. Cloth face masks are the recommendation for members of the general public, which are designed to cover your nose, mouth and chin. The face covering can be made of any type of woven cloth and will act as a barrier to reduce the droplets and particles that come out of your nose and mouth. This barrier will control and prevent the spread of the virus, helping us to get back to the lifestyle we love, sooner.
To work effectively, you should be wearing a clean face mask for each outing, making reusable face masks the perfect choice for the community because they can be washed in the washing machine after each wear and then worn again. Disposing mask need to be thrown out after each outing, creating wastage and an unnecessary load on our environment.
The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) have recommended cloth face masks and they are now mandated in many states in the USA. To help control and reduce transmission of COVID-19 in Australia, masks are now being recommended locally too.
What is the purpose of medical masks?
Medical masks, surgical masks and N95 respirators that have been certified by the FDA are designed for use by medical professionals as they are required to meet a specific manufacturing criteria. These masks are not required for use by the general population, and we should leave those face masks for the professionals to avoid critical shortages in hospitals and medical centres.
You should wear a mask when you are in public areas and ideally you should choose a reusable cloth face mask that can be washed and re-worn – saving you money and helping to save our environment.
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