Since the report of the first COVID-19 case in Australia, the government and medical experts have been in the frontline educating the citizens on how to slow the spread and flatten the curve. Thus, today even kids are conversant with safety measures such as frequent washing of hands, social Distancing, staying at home, and wearing a cloth face mask. 

Still, you likely have questions such as is social distancing helping? Is my face mask effective? Should I put masks on my baby when stepping outside? Or should I stock my medicine cabinet and pantry to minimizing my trips to the pharmacy and grocery store? 

The article will provide answers to these questions and help you understand how you can use both social Distancing and wearing face masks to protect yourself and others. 

Social Distancing explained; What Is It And Why Is It Important? 

Coronavirus is spread when a person inhales respiratory droplets of the infected person, which they release when they cough, sneeze, talk, sing, speak loud or breathe. They also transmit the viruses when they touch a surface and another person touches it and then transfer them to their nose, mouth, or eyes. 

Social Distancing means maintaining enough distance between yourself and the next person. That means the person sitting or standing next to you should be more than 6 feet away from you. When that person coughs, sneezes, or laughs, their aerosols fall on the ground rather than on you.  

Wearing of face masks is an excellent measure that reduces the distance travelled by the air particles from an infected person. The government recommends both measures because they are useful in slowing the coronavirus spread between people. 

Additionally, frequent washing of hands is another action that can keep you safe. As stated, an infected person with or without symptoms can transmit the virus when they touch a surface with their infected hands. This is so when they cover their mouth with their hands when sneezing or coughing and then touch the doorknobs, stairs grills, and so on. 

Therefore, washing your hands frequently or disinfecting them with alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you touch public surfaces will help reduce the spread of the coronaviruses between persons.  

This is what inspired the directive to close schools, libraries, cancel social events, gatherings, and the caution to stay at home or work from home. Slowing the spread will reduce the number of new coronavirus infections, the number of critically ill patients, and deaths. 

Maintaining social distance, coupled with other measures, is lifesaving. Thus, keep distance when in public places such as grocery stores, pharmacy, and so on. Otherwise, the healthcare facilities might not be able to handle the influx of patients. 

Wearing of Fabric Face Masks 

It has been directed that the general public should wear fabric face masks and reserve the medical masks for healthcare workers handling patients. That means that you should wear a non-surgical mask made from materials such as cotton combined with chiffon and silk.   

COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets that contain the virus, and that remains in the air for nearly three hours. You may breathe in these viral particles directly or touch a contaminated surface or object, then your nose, mouth, or eyes. 

To avoid breathing in coronavirus, the government and medical experts have recommended wearing face masks in a public setting. A mask reminds you that you should not to touch your face to reduce the further spread of the virus. 

The question that’s lingering in your mind is what kind of mask you should wear. As stated, there is a short supply of surgical masks, and therefore, the N95 masks should only be worn by doctors and nurses. These masks are the most effective, thus ideal for healthcare settings or those who are already infected and have to go out in public. 

Fabric face masks are also useful when worn correctly. The following are a few of the vital guidelines that you should adhere to when handling your cloth face masks.  

  • They should be snugly fitting and covering your nose and mouth properly.   
  • It would help if you did not fiddle with your mask when you set it on. Thus adjust it properly when you wear it before stepping out of your house and leaving it that way until you come back or remove it to eat or drink. 
  • Practice good hand hygiene when you touch you inadvertently touch your face mask after putting it on. 
  • Masks shouldn’t be shared among family members. Hence each person should have enough supply of masks to suit their daily needs. 
  • Please don’t put your mask in your pocket or inside your bag when transporting it. Instead, you should fold it inside out and place it in a plastic bag or envelop where you store it at the end of the day. 
  • It’s advisable to carry at least two or more masks when going to a crowded public area or using public transport. This will help you change your mask during the day when it gets moist or soiled instead of sticking to a dirty mask throughout. 
  • Wash your face masks regularly, and this depends on how frequently you use them. For instance, you can clean your masks at the end of the day if you wear them every frequently as you go to work. Clean them weekly if you wear them on your occasional trip to the grocery store or supermarket. Ensure that your masks are dry before putting them on. 

Masks are used in addition to other measures such as frequent washing of hands and maintaining social Distancing. However, a face mask doesn’t replace these measures, and you should observe all of them even when wearing your mask in public places. 

Where Can You Buy Your Mask? 

You can either use a homemade or a store-bought mask. However, ensure your mask is made from the right material and is well-fitting.   

Use non-surgical masks to reduce the shortage of medical ones such as N95 masks. A face mask doesn’t replace other measures, such as cleaning your hands and physical Distancing. Therefore, applying these measures collectively will slow the spread of COVID-19. 

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