Face masks are of various types. The best face mask in Australia is the cloth face masks as per the DHHS requirements. The protection against the COVID-19 is at top priority for all of us. And face masks are just the instrument we need to protect ourselves. 

In just a couple of months, we all have become addicted to face masks. This has become the need of the hour. We cannot escape wearing face masks. The medical experts agree on saying that the face masks are excellent protection against the coronavirus. Social distancing and handwashing are the two other precautions along with face masks which have kept many people secured of the virus. 

There are different face mask, depending on whether you are a child or what profession you are in. Children above the age of two shall wear face masks, rest below the age of two shall wear face shield only. Face masks are usually of two kinds; medical face masks and non-medical face masks. The medical staff mostly wears disposable or medical face masks. 

Why were face masks not used earlier? 

Face masks were not typical among the public, but only the health care workers used it. This was mainly to protect themselves against any airborne diseases. It gave an excellent shield against the contagious diseases. 

So, the face masks were of use for medical professionals only. No common public was using it unless they suffered from any respiratory disease like Asthma. 

Which face mask shall I choose and which one is the best face mask in Australia? 

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus is the chief motive of almost all the researchers in this field. This pandemic is prevailing, and it has taken many lives, and still, the curve is in the rising phase. Face masks have emerged as one of the primary weapons to fight against the coronavirus. 

Since there are widespread deaths and illness due to COVID-19, wearing a face mask in Australia is an excellent option to curb down the contamination rate. Many options are there, and hence it becomes difficult for a layperson to choose the best face mask in Australia. Knowing about each type of face masks gives a better idea. So, below is proper advice from professionals that can help you choose the best face mask Australia. Aussie Defender has the best 3 ply cloth face masks in Australia 

There are criteria to judge the quality of face masks, like: 

#1: The face masks shall be capable of filtering airborne particles, whether small or big. 

#2: The size of the particles is measured in microns, and so is the quality of the face mask. 

#3: The filtration efficiency is measured in percentage, and this also helps in judging the quality of the face mask. 

Before purchasing a face mask, some other points should be borne in mind. Some of them are: 

#1: There is a rate determined by the professionals, and that is bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE). Higher is the rate better it is. 

#2: Fitting should be perfect, and no portion shall be loose. 

#3: If you are wearing eyeglasses, then it should not cause fogging there. 

#4: Fabric of the mask should be comfortable without causing any itching. The material should be such that washing it does not cause damage to its working capability. 

#5: Easy to use under all circumstances. 

Combining the quality of mask and parameters of the mask, anyone can choose the best face mask in Australia. These pointers will help them conclude the type and will also keep them safe against all the odds. According to the latest study, it has been depicted that the cloth face masks are good ones. The reason for this is that they are economical and are readily available. 

Disposable face masks came into usage in abundance with the onset of the coronavirus and eventually, a shortage of these masks in the market. The medical professionals are at high risk due to the coronavirus, and disposable face masks must always be kept for them. 

Keeping the above points, the government issued directives to use cloth face masks. Many cloth masks are gaining ground, and now beautiful masks with vibrant colours are typical amongst the public. The three-layered masks give proper protection, so purchase a mask accordingly. 

Before wearing face masks, another essential thing to understand is the usage of the mask. Masks are of various kinds because its usage varies. The disposable masks are for medical professionals, and the N95 masks, which are the reusable masks, are good ones for the person who shows symptoms of the coronavirus. 

Don’t wear N95 face masks if you do not have any symptoms of the virus. A good cloth face mask in Australia will solve the purpose if you are going out in public and you are healthy. 

Precautions to take care while wearing face masks 

#1: Mask should entirely cover the nose and mouth. 

#2: Wearing masks too often irritates, and this may lead to the removal of the mask from the nose area. Hence, choose the mask which is entirely comfortable under all situations and climate. 


Discussions about face masks are still going on, and each day a better quality mask is coming out. The point to understand is that any face mask which comes out in the market can never provide 100% protection against airborne diseases, especially the coronavirus. 

Face mask in Australia is just an option and an alternative to providing partial protection against the virus. Airborne diseases are the most dangerous ones as these travel from one person to the other through the air, and we cannot stop breathing. The full stop to this disease seems to be a long process. Until then, protection, along with other hygiene and care, can keep you safe and secure. 

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