The Australia Government and medical professionals are emphasizing wearing face masks in public. Thus, a higher degree of individual responsibility is needed in slowing the spread of coronavirus. 

Besides wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding crowded indoor spaces, and washing hands frequently are other necessary measures. None of these is easy or fun, particularly when they impact your schooling, work, family, or hobbies. However, these strategies are ranked high when it comes to saving lives and especially when combined. 

Among them, wearing face masks tops the list because it can limit the dispersal of respiratory droplets at a higher rate. These respiratory droplets remain the primary route of COVID-19 transmission. For that reason, experts even recommend wearing fabric face mask such as the Aussie Defender brands, for they are effective in preventing respiratory droplets from your nose and mouth reaching your friends, workmates or family member around you.  

The article will evaluate many options regarding face masks and COVID-19. 

Is Cloth Face Mask Effective in slowing the Spread of COVID-19? 

Generally, wearing a face mask, whether medical or non-medical, effectively prevents the spread of a considerable number of respiratory droplets in the environment. Therefore, wearing a cloth mask with more than two plies can make a significant difference in this case.  

Coronavirus loves hanging around the nasal passages and oral pharynx. Thus, laughing, speaking, coughing, or sneezing contributes to the transmission of viruses in the droplets of the infected person to the one without. 

Therefore, wearing a cloth face mask correctlycovering your nose and mouth will prevent the spread of coronavirus from one person to another. For that reason, the Australian Government Department of Health published guidance on wearing a face mask in public to protect yourself and others from coronavirus. 

That means wearing a cloth face mask is valid and can make a difference. Visit Aussie Defender today to order your face mask. 

Does Covering the Mouth Alone Make a Difference?   

Wearing a mask below the nose doesn’t prevent the spread of coronavirus because the respiratory droplets from the nose will become airborne when you sneeze and cough. On the other hand, covering both the nose and the mouth with a mask is the most common and effective way to reduce the spread of the virus droplets and germs. 

Should I Practice Social Distancing when Wearing a Face Mask? 

Maintaining physical distance in a public setting is very important even when wearing a mask for the two measures will reduce the spread of germs. Social distancing helps to reduce the risk of infections further by being a good neighbour.  

Medical professionals advise that wearing any face protection, whether homemade or store-bought doesn’t replace social distancing. Masks serve as a simple barrier that prevents respiratory droplets from moving from one person to another when they talk, raise their voice, sneezes, or coughs. 

Therefore, wear your cloth face mask when stepping outside and adhere to the 6-feet rule when entering the pharmacy or grocery stores, and so on. Purchase your fabric face masks from Aussie Defender and reserve respirators and surgical masks for medical first responders and healthcare workers because they are critical supplies.  

Is it Right to Take the Mask off when Speaking? 

Most people find it hard to speak when wearing a mask, and in most instances, you’re likely to see two people conversing when one or both have lowered their masks. However, coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets released when an infected person speaks, laughs, sneezes, or coughs. 

You can still speak when wearing a mask on, and without talking louder even when you have face protection. Pulling your mask down to speak to another person in close quarters is a bad idea and can potentially spread the virus. 

Thus, please don’t remove your face mask when speaking to a senior with trouble hearing because you’re exposing them to coronavirus. Alternatively, opt for text-based communication such as writing things down. Others may choose to wear a face shield to help them communicate easier; however, one should do so at a safe distance. 

Is Face Shield as Effective as a Face Mask?  

A face shield is the Plexiglas panel or curved plastic attached to a headband worn over the face. The equipment has been in use in healthcare settings for many years when medical personnel performs a procedure such as surgery. These shields protect their mouth, nose, and eyes from bodily fluids like blood or elements such as bone fragments.   

Since the start of COVID-19, people have been seeking an alternative accessory to the face mask, which has added a little frustration and seems not to be going away anytime soon. 

So people are turning to face shield to solve the problem of dragon breath, foggy glasses, and having a piece of cloth over their face. Thus, fashion sites are presenting face shields as an alternative solution to face masks.  

The shields are not as effective as masks because the shield is away from your face, and when you cough, several droplets are discharged more than they do when wearing a mask. Therefore, face shields can’t be used as a substitute for the fabric face mask or worn when engaging in normal daily activities outside your house. Still, debates are going one, which is more effective than the other, and for that reason, some individuals are opting for double protection. 

So wear a cloth face mask underneath the face shield to enhance its effectiveness. Further, maintain physical distance as much as possible to minimize the risk of getting infected or infecting others due to the opening at the bottom of the face shield. 


The article has presented five common assumptions regarding the use of a face mask to slow the spread of coronavirus. A cloth face mask is effective in reducing the transfer of respiratory droplets from one individual to the other.   

Therefore, it’s recommended to wear a fabric face mask whenever you’re stepping into a public setting, maintain physical distance, and wear it correctly covering your nose and mouth.   

Let’s fight COVID-19 together by adhering to the government directives, and reserving the medical face masks to the healthcare workers. Wear a fabric face mask from reputable brands such as Aussie Defender, which is leading in the fight against coronavirus across Australia. 

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