Face masks have become the need of the hour.  Due to the ongoing pandemic in the World, the need for face masks has increased drastically. Various types and qualities of face masks are available in the market. To choose the best one becomes a daunting task. There is always a question haunting in mind- “is this face mask safe?” To be on the safer side of this pandemic, it is an excellent choice to work according to the directives of the government. The government has announced various measures for its citizens which will keep the coronavirus at bay. According to it, reusable face masks are a safe option. Let’s learn more about them. 

What kind of masks are reusable face masks? 

Reusable face masks are those kinds of cloth masks which are commonly used by the public. There are several advantages of using reusable face masks. While on the other side are, the disposable face masks, best known as the surgical face masks, are also a good one to protect against the virus. 

Lockdown was implemented in several countries to fight against the novel coronavirus. Many countries have either lifted the restrictions or are about to do so. It is always advisable to use face masks even after the restrictions. It was vague in the initial days that masks are a protective layer or not against the COVID-19. 

The reusable or washable face masks are sustainable and sew-able. The most significant advantage of these face masks is that they have a very long life and can sustain for a longer time. The sew-able masks are generally made of fabric as per Australian Government guidelines. 

Let us have a look at what are the advantages of using reusable face masks: 

#1: You can always wear it and wash it making it ready for the next use 

#2: It will not cost you much if we compare it with surgical masks. They are costlier because of several layers in them. 

#3: They stop the direct spread of the virus from one person to the other 

#4: They are eco-friendly and will not be damaging the environment  

Which is Better: homemade masks or readymade masks? 

What kind of fabric is the best one for the protection against the novel coronavirus is still debatable? Research and experiments are being done to find out the best one. So far, Polyester/Cotton fabric has proved to be the best one. 

The breathability should be excellent, and the filtration should also be up to the mark. Both requirements are met with Polyester/Cotton fabrics. Face masks made of cotton are the most common homemade masks. Homemade face masks are easy to sew by following the government guidelines or even by checking the DIY videos found in abundance. 

The reusable face masks last longer and can last up to 40 washes  

The readymade face masks are also prepared in the same manner, meeting all the proper requirements. These are readily available in the market, and these also are reusable face masks. While making a readymade face mask, all of the precautions and directions are taken into account.  

Both the masks are right on their perspective with readymade face masks being a little pricy. But the comfort pays you back. Readymade face masks can provide a great deal of protection if we compare with homemade masks. Purchasing readymade face masks is recommended. Just a small point to remember; reusable masks should always be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The researchers believe that it can kill the virus. 

Some points to consider while wearing readymade reusable face masks. 

#1: How many face masks shall be worn? 

Face masks. Whether it is the homemade ones or the readymade ones, each shall be worn very frequently. They have now become part of our life because of the risk associated with the disease. 

As per the directives of our Victorian government, any person who steps out of the house for any work should wear face masks.  

#2: What fabric is suitable for face masks? 

Any fabric, preferably Polyester/cotton, which does not provide any discomfort to your face is the best one for a face mask. The more uncomfortable you are, there are chances that you will touch your face and nose often. So, use a fabric that is soothing to your face. 

#3: How much fitting the mask must-have? 

The fitting matters a lot in any mask and especially when homemade face masks are concerned. This is because you are sewing it. The nose and mouth shall be entirely covered, and on topmost priority, it shall be comfortable. Ear strings should not be loose and neither tight. The breathability should also be perfect. 

The coronavirus disease is at a peak, and there is a shortage of many things. If we keep on using reusable face masks in a limited manner as per the needs, it can be an added advantage for other citizens. Surgeons and medical professionals will be profoundly benefited. 


The procedures and directions to make a reusable face mask are available at many different websites. A 3 layer covering will give perfect protection and breathability. Going on with the trend and keeping precautions are of utmost importance. 

Face masks are the best protector these days, and it should not be avoided under any circumstance. Until the vaccines are out in the market, face masks along with proper hygiene and handwashing rules should be followed. 

Going through a pandemic situation is severe and fighting with it is more stringent. It is found that the reusable face masks of your choice can be bought without costing you much. The medical professionals and researchers believe that the face mask can prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The effect of each mask can vary depending upon the quality; therefore buy a face mask from a trusted source or websites. 

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