COVID-19 is at its peak in every country in the world. With the advent of this pandemic, havoc and life risk have increased. The question of “do face masks work” is a debatable topic these days. The public is not sure how much protection is the face masks providing them? Also, there is widespread rumour and misinformation. 

A brief discussion on does face masks work will give good advice on it. Has the government given orders to wear face masks even if you are not ill? Let us have a look at the real picture. 

So, what can face masks do? 

Masks are a barrier to prevent your mouth and nose from novel Coronavirus. It is a shield and is recommended at work or in public places. It can keep you and others safe too. Face masks can prevent the spread of tiny droplets if someone sneezes, coughs, laughs, or speaks. It has been observed that COVID-19 is contagious, so face masks are a great help. 

The face masks are providing an additional barrier in keeping you and your loved ones safe. 

How is a face mask prepared? 

As per the guidelines issued by DHHS, any face mask must be 3 layered. It can be of a textile or a plastic that can protect your mouth and nose. The outer layer, middle layer, inner layer, and loops are the main sections of a mask. 

Any water-resistant material like polyester/polypropylene can be the best material for preparing masks. It is important to note that there are no holes in the material you are using for the mask. Reassure for the material you are using by the tags in it. 

Do face masks work: the expert’s opinion 

In the case of COVID-19 face masks are effective in reducing the spread of the virus. In addition to the social distancing of 1.5meter, frequent hand-washing and masks are among the essentials. 

It is recommended that you wear a face mask when amongst people. The studies have depicted that the spread of flu was prevented with the help of a mask. Flu and corona both spread by a virus.  

In 2013 it was seen that masks were very helpful in preventing the spread of flu. 

It is seen that face masks can cause a threefold reduction in the spread of the virus. Another study has also shown that masks were a severe blockage in the spread of influenza in Japan. 

The researchers are of the firm opinion that flu rates were decreased exponentially if paired with proper hygiene. Many epidemiological data have proved that the face mask is essential in COVID-19. 

Also, the daily COVID-19 growth rate came to an eventual downfall with the usage of face masks. A prevalent study that included 198 countries across the globe revealed that the face masks had lowered the death rate. 

A mandatory directive has been issued by the Victorian Government to wear face masks. The use of face masks for employers is essential in Victoria. The type of face mask will depend on the locality where you are residing. 

The answer to the question- do face masks work is yes, in simple words. The face masks are a real protector in many aspects of the flu and Coronavirus. COVID-19 is the best example that has proved that face masks are an effective method in protecting each other. No better precaution can be found than masks in this pandemic. 

The prediction says that if 95% of the population wears a face mask, there will be a drastic reduction in the widespread of the disease. Practically, only 80% of the population wears face masks. Those who still question; do face masks work must rethink upon it. 

Does the type of masks matter? 

Masks are made of various materials; the primary one being made of cloth. People wear masks considering two significant factors; comfort and consistency. Conclusively, any mask which covers your mouth and nose will solve the purpose. 

Cloth masks are the most popular mask all around due to their comfort level, and it proves that face masks work.  

Features of cloth face masks 

#1: DHHS recommends using masks with at least three layers of different materials. The polypropylene is useful in providing enough filtration and breathability. Unlike N95 masks, they are quite protective in saving the lives of others as well. 

#2: The filter capacity of cloth mask is excellent, and the availability is enough. Cloth masks are very easy to make and can be stitched at home too. 

#3: The cloth face masks work well if made of cotton cloth. This is the best fabric for preparing face masks in all aspects. 

#4: Cloth face masks are reusable and washable. This feature makes it the most popular among the public. 

#5: The cloth face masks are cheaper than other face masks. 

The face masks were in practice earlier too before the COVID-19 pandemic by healthcare workers. These were found to be disposable masks, and they served the purpose effectively. Given those measures taken in the 19tth century, the COVID-19 face masks are controlling the death toll and virus spread. 

Pandemic is one of the worst outbreaks and the most difficult one for any government. This era pandemic has affected most of the world population, and it has not yet come to rest. If we want to know do face masks work, then the usage of the masks will itself prove the statement. 

The bottom line 

For the fight with the fatal COVID-19, precautions are highly recommended. Face masks with adequate hand hygiene can save lots of life. Since the vaccinations are still due in the market, following the directives of the government is most essential. 

COVID-19 emergence, spread, and eradication, all three are vague. If you are under the illusion that social distancing will only solve the purpose of the spread of the virus, then you’re mistaken. Social distancing, along with face masks, can be effectual simultaneously. Experiments now and then will make the situation better shortly. Until then, precaution with mandatory use of face mask should become a practice in daily life. Stay safe. Stay healthy! 

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